Thursday, June 5

Diskuto Launches World Cup of Languages 2014

Diskuto helps people practise their languages!
Diskuto, a group for language lovers which I run, is dedicated the next month to the World Cup.

See the World Cup of Languages, which kicks off in Toronto on June 12, the opening night of the FIFA action (game that night is Brazil vs Croatia).

This is a contest to see how many languages you can speak, learn or teach in one night. If you're interested, come practise the official languages of any 2014 World Cup team:
• Arabic • Bosnian • Dutch • English • Farsi • French • German • Greek • Italian • Japanese • Korean • Portuguese • Russian • Serbo-Croatian • Spanish • Any Other language you want!
  1.  Different points are given for practising, learning or teaching any language. Teachers get more points than learners, and new language learners get more points than people who just want to practise. 
  2. Languages that are more difficult/'rare' get MORE points (so come practise Russian or Korean or Bosnian - even better, come to teach it). This will be explained more at the event. 
  3. Bonus 'polyglot' points for engaging in multiple languages in a night.
  4. Even more bonus points for languages relevant to one of that day's World Cup matches (e.g Brazil is playing Croatia on June 12; therefore you get extra points if you engage in Portuguese or Croatian on the night of the kickoff) 
  5. Add up your points, winner gets a prize for top Diskuto World Cup score.
Sound like fun? Check it out at the Royal Conservatory atrium (273 Bloor St W), 6pm-9pm on Thurs June 12. Register online.

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