Tuesday, June 8

South Africa v. Mexico - suggestions?

Twitter and Facebook have revealed the genius of laziness, ie asking more knowledgeable friends and strangers to do all the research. And even though this is a World Cup blog, I am the first to confess my football ignorance.

I'd like to cheer with the host nation for the first match. For South Africa venues in Toronto, chowhound.com says http://www.nandoscanada.com may be South African.

Also, Toronto Life has recommendations for African restaurants but these may be wide of the mark.

So far, I've only seen NOW magazine provide a T.O. Cup-viewing primer and I can't even find it online.

A thread on tripadvisor.com has asked similar questions for the 'not-so-famous' teams.

The next few days will require some research!


Anonymous said...

Samovar Room will be the home of the BAFANA BAFANA.Rumen Dimitroff's wife is African and she says she is rooting for all the African Teams! Check it out!

Cupcake Man said...

Excellent, thank you Anon!