Wednesday, April 21

It's been a while

Coming in June. We resume!


nkhadem said...


My name is Nareeman Khadem from CBC News Toronto. Your blog of the World Cup in Toronto was very helpful, thank you.

I've been asked to compile a list of where the hottest places to be to watch the upcoming World Cup games in their respective restaurants. Do you know where some of this year's nations will be celebrated the most? Especially the countries that aren't as popular, like Ivory Coast and Honduras?

I'd appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you.

Cupcake Man said...

Hi there Nareeman

Cote D'Ivoire consulate in Toronto is at 260 adelaide St E - phone them and ask for a good bar. (416) 366-8490 I'm thinking maybe somewhere up around Jane and Wilson at those strip malls, which is where some of the Ghana hotspots are.

As for Honduran, that's a toughie, as consulate is in Montreal but I can't find one for Honduras.
Maybe try a Salvadoran resto? One at 690 Bloor. - but then again maybe they're enemies...

Wade said...


I'm really looking forward to following your blog this Cup. It's a brilliant idea. Any tips on a place in the GTA to watch Slovakia? I like their chances and that game against Paraguay will be key.



Mad Dog said...

Aussie home base will be the Sports Centre Cafe at St Clair & Yonge. Should be fun for Australians and neutrals looking for a great atmosphere, win, lose or draw.

v Germany – 2.30 pm, Sunday June 13
v Ghana – 10am, Saturday June 19
v Serbia – 2.30pm, Wednesday June 23