Thursday, June 8

Tomorrow - it begins!

Match 1): Germany v. Costa Rica

Look for me here:
1 pm @ The Goethe Institute - 163 King West (Financial District).

Free Germanvision on the big screen at TGI - I'll be sure to catch as much of the
Achtung as possible. For a Costa Rican bar try Pura Vida, 685 Lansdowne at Bloor. Aye'll carumba up there if Germania just ain't jive.

Match 2): Poland v. Ecuador

Look for me here:
3pm @ El Penco - 573 King West, at Portland. Hopefully this Ecuadorian resto has a big screen, else I head down to Cafe Polonez, 195 Roncesvalles in the heart of Polishtown.

I'll bring my digicam and my English-Polish dictionary!


Sugarpuss O'Shea said...

I don't recall El Penco having any screen. But maybe they do and just pull it out for special occasions. Tasty and cheap lunches.

Bobby said...

Yeah, have a piwo on me.

ers said...

Mmmm...Cafe potato pancake/goulash EVAR.